Press Release - 3rd Young Writers Festival

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture, in the framework of the 13th Thessaloniki Film Festival – as a continuation of the 1st Festival, organized in December 2011 by the National Book Centre, as well as the 2nd Festival, organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in the framework of the 12th Thessaloniki Festival – is organizing this year the 3rd Young Writers’ Festival.

For the selection of the participants, the following three conditions were set immediately:

  1. The participants must be up to 40 years old
  2. They must be authors of up to two books
  3. They must not have participated in the two previous Young Writers’ Festivals (2011, 2015)

It was attempted to maintain a balance between Athens and Thessaloniki (and the rest of Greece), poets and prose writers, short story writers and novelists, male and female authors, as well as to include a wide spectrum of ages. There was an effort to cover most trends in the literary production of the younger writers, as well as to represent through them older well-established but also newer independent publishing houses and magazines. At the same time, recent works are represented, as well as young authors who have been already honoured or nominated for state – and other important – awards. Moreover, this year the participants of the 1st Young Writers’ Festival were asked to take part, in order to share their already five-year old experience since they were awarded.

In this year’s Festival, the space where it is taking place is indicative of its identity, since for the first time it will be held in the Gallery Room, in Pavilion 15 of the TBF, creating an open and at the same time protected nest (a ‘nestival’), away from – but in constant communication with – the buzzing of an international Book Fair. The goal is the creation of a reflective framework of focus and concentration, as well as a sense of union with the Fair’s larger landscape.

The Festival starts on Friday 13 May in the afternoon and will continue on Saturday 14 May for the whole day.

Three discussions are taking place, but mostly many readings and various events, so as to create a touch of interaction between the young authors and the audience, through other arts as well, with the participation of musicians, drama students and actors (with the contribution of director Sofia Karakantza).