Press Release - 13th Thessaloniki Book Fair

With Russia as the guest of honour and a thematic exhibition entitled Refugees, Then and Now, this year’s 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair from 12 to 15 May will take place at the city’s International Exhibition Centre, co-organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, TIBF - HELEXPO, Greek Publishers and the City of Thessaloniki, under the auspices and the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

This year’s multiple event fair entails:

  • The cultural program that will be presented by the guest of honour, Russia, in the framework of Greek-Russian Year 2016, at a central space of 500m² in the Fair, with the participation of Russian publishers and writers. Russia will provide us with a panorama of the county’s cultural reality, which entails presentations of writers and poets, contemporary aesthetic and literary movements, screenings of films and animation, as well as presentations of translation programs (from Russian to Greek). Visitors will also get the chance to see the treasures of the Russian museums and attend numerous events accentuating Russia’s relationship with Greece.
  • The thematic exhibition of this year’s Fair entitled Refugees, Then and Now, which is organized in collaboration with the City of Thessaloniki and aims at accentuating the contemporary reality of the problem as well as its historic dimensions, will include: a thematic book fair, talks – roundtables – book presentations, a multi-collective exhibition by photographers and photo reporters who have captured snapshots of the refuges’ route, screenings of relevant films, in collaboration with Thessaloniki Film Festival, as well as other individual events.
  • The New WritersFestival, which received a warm welcome by new writers and audiences alike, is being organized for the 3rd time, while it broadens its scope with international participations from the International Festival of Authors in Toronto.
  • The Translation Festival, which will be hosted at a separate stand this year, includes many informative and interactive events with European institutions, Institutes, as well as the equivalent university departments. There will be translation seminars, presentations of new programs to support Literary Translation and of The Language Project – Translation Slam, with the participation of emblematic figures in the field of translation.
  • The participation of other foreign countries with publishers and writers from China, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Albania among others. There will also be active participation of the aforementioned countries’ Institutes in Greece.

Furthermore, in the framework of the 13th TIBF there will be literary and professionals’ meetings, thematic day conferences, translation workshops, speeches, roundtables, a children’s & young adults’ corner, as well as the literary café, film screenings, artistic and theatrical events. There will be parallel cultural events in various parts of the city of Thessaloniki.

The 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair constantly looks forward to broaden the horizons of reading, to the support of Greek publishers, the accentuation of new authors but also the acknowledgement of older native and international ones, as well as to connect all the above to the sociopolitical national and international circumstances. Above all, it constitutes an important interactive meeting of people (authors and readers) about books, art and culture, while the authorities, scientific and cultural institutions and bodies, as well as the city’s academic and educational community participate in this year’s fair both actively and on a symbolic level, rendering it a major social event.