International Literature and Translation Festival

Foreign literature and Translation issues in the focus of TIBF

The multicultural spirit which governs the international character of the TIBF is supported in this year’s Fair by the participation of 23 foreign writers and a Translation festival which poses and treats the issues of language and communicating ideas through translators.

In particular, the foreign writers who are participating and meeting their audience at the 13th TIBF are: 3 from England (Rob Davis, Daniel Hahn, Philip Kerr), 2 from France (Marc Boutavant, Laurent Binet), 1 from Germany (Carmen-Francesca Banciu), 5 from Israel (Yishai Sharid, Orly Castel-Bloom, Avirama Golan, Alon Hilu, Yael Dayan), 2 from Italy (Diego Marani, Luigi Ballerini), 4 from Canada (Rawi Hage, Madeleine Thien, Joseph Kertes from the Toronto International Festival of Authors, as well as Denis Thériault), 1 from Croatia (Ivan Srsen), 2 from Romania (Rostas Zoltan, Monica Savulescu Voudouri) and 3 from FYROM (Vladimir Martinovski, Stojcevska Antik Vera, Vlada Urosevic).

In this year’s Fair, 20 countries are participating with their own stands: Albania, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, FYROM, Germany, Israel, Italy, Korea, Romania, Russia (Guest of Honour), Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.